On Friday, Italy reported 73,212 coronavirus infections, with 202 deaths.

Reuters - ROME (Reuters) - According to the health ministry, Italy reported 73,212 COVID-19-related cases on Friday, up from 75,020 the day before, while the daily death toll increased to 202 from 166.

Since the epidemic began in February 2020, Italy has recorded 162,466 deaths due to COVID-19, the second highest toll in Europe behind the United Kingdom and the ninth worst in the world. To date, the government has reported 16 million cases.

COVID-19 patients in hospitals, excluding those in intensive care, were 10,076 on Friday, down from 10,231 the day before.

There were 46 new intensive care unit admissions on Friday, up from 40 on Thursday. The overall number of intensive care patients was 411, down from 415 the day before.

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