In a new video, Nvidia brags about how it doesn't release "sub-par beta drivers."

While describing how graphics drivers work, it appears like Nvidia couldn't help but make a dig at AMD.

Nvidia Senior Product Manager Sean Pelletier outlined how graphics drivers function and why it's crucial to guarantee the correct drivers are available when new games arrive in a new video (and accompanying blog post) meant to illustrate Nvidia's arduous process of building its "Game Ready" drivers.

Pelletier concluded by stating that Nvidia does not share beta drivers due to how "integral the driver is to the complete experience." He compared the drivers to video games, claiming that fully released games are "kept to a higher standard" than the beta version. He appears to be implying that Nvidia's Game Ready drivers, which are often issued on the same day as a game's release, are better than AMD's beta drivers. The Best PC Games of the Present (Summer 2020 Update)

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From the blog post:

We will only release the driver via and GeForce Experience once all of this work is accomplished. We don't release sub-par beta drivers with minimal testing, let alone multiple conflicting beta drivers forked from different development branches that support different games and products, which confuse customers, because the Game Ready Driver Program and our promise of quality rely on all of this work.

Of course, smart PC gamers are aware that, despite Nvidia's extensive testing and certification process, the business nevertheless encounters driver issues from time to time. Nvidia sometimes has to release an updated driver to remedy issues created by the previous driver.

Despite the jab at AMD, the movie is well-made and does a decent job of outlining the driver development process from start to finish. The Game Ready program began in 2014 as a way for drivers to communicate directly with game development teams in order to maximize their performance.

Nvidia also boasted that every Game Ready driver has been approved by the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). WHQL certification, on the other hand, is highly regarded, although it focuses on Windows functionality rather than specific games. 5 NVIDIA GeForce Games You Should Play Right Now4:30 Autoplay is turned on.

Finally, making "beta" drivers available isn't always a negative thing. A beta, by definition, is a third-party trial of software or any product during the final stages of development. It lets people outside of the development team to look at the product with new eyes, which may lead to the discovery of bugs that would otherwise go unnoticed by the development team.

Of course, because this is a film about drivers, Nvidia has also released its latest 512.59 Game Ready drivers, which include Dune: Spice Wars enhancements. It also adds DLSS support to JX3 Online and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt, as well as ray tracing functionality for the Chernobylite survival game.

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