"Impact announces a fresh $100 million round of funding to expand its partner marketing ecosystem."

Impact, a partner marketing management platform, has raised $100 million in new capital from W Capital and Providence Public. The funds will be used to extend the company's global market, develop its product matrix, and increase its R&D staff.

Impact.com began as a partner marketing management SaaS platform in California in 2008. Due to the rapid growth of domestic cross-border e-commerce in recent years, foreign marketing demand has expanded dramatically. To capitalize on this market opportunity, impact.com entered the Chinese market in 2019 and established a Chinese team.

The cross-border e-commerce sector is gradually evolving, which is initially evident in the overseas marketing end, as a result of Amazon's "store closure tsunami" last year. On the one hand, due to the epidemic and the policies of overseas e-commerce platforms, the cost of overseas traffic continues to rise; on the other hand, the marginal utility of traditional digital advertising is gradually diminishing, and marketing is beginning to return to the essence of the market, namely, gaining consumers' trust in brands and products. As a result, a "user-centered" partner marketing approach has opened up new potential for development.

Traditional affiliates, social media users, news and content distribution media owners, mobile APPs, non-profit organizations, sponsors, brand ambassadors, and strategic B2B partners are all examples of marketing partners.

These partners, in turn, are frequently hampered by their own motivations for achieving performance income, as well as their inability to effectively quantify or describe their commercial value. As a result, branded content marketing initiatives are unsustainable, and partners must change to match the market's ever-changing expectations.

Impact.com has designed a partner marketing ecosystem with this in mind. Advertisers can use tools on the platform to link and collaborate with partners, while partners can directly engage with advertising and publish marketing content to earn business value and make revenue.

Partnership Cloud, a SaaS platform for full-cycle partner project administration, Activate, a SaaS management platform for full-process Netflix marketing campaigns, and Pressboard, a project management platform for content marketing for traffic owners, are among the solutions offered by impact.com.

Partnership Cloud, for example, is primarily focused on automated marketing and partner relationship management services for brands. All procedures on Partnership Cloud may be automated, including the recruitment of partners, contract payment, contact communication, and marketing data analysis, and both parties can benefit from fraud protection.

Activate is more focused on celebrity marketing in other countries. Marketers can utilize Activate's SaaS management platform to better understand, recruit, and manage international celebrity processes, while the platform can also match advertisers with the correct celebrity resources and cut communication costs.

The Pressboard platform, on the other hand, concentrates on offering a set of tools to content media and traffic owners, including data analysis and evaluation of marketing content data performance.

In fact, impact.com has made multiple acquisitions since 2020. Activate, an online marketing management platform; Trackonomics, a content publishing data optimization tool; Affluent, an analytics and automation platform; and Pressboard, a 2B marketing technology business, are among the companies that have been acquired.

Jennifer Zhang, president of impact.com Greater China, told 36 Krypton that by complementing its product matrix with acquisitions, impact.com has developed its own ecosystem in partner marketing. Furthermore, the purchases are motivated by resource integration and business expansion. "Behind each acquisition, a huge number of advertising and traffic resources are brought together to accomplish resource integration and business expansion," says the company.

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