Despite not knowing if its wealthy owner was on board, the crew of a superyacht prepared fresh lobster for him every day, according to a staffer.

  • The Times of London published an article about a superyacht worker's 20-year career.
  • One superyacht owner was claimed to enjoy eating fresh lobster anytime he was on board.
  • Despite not knowing if he was on board, his team prepared the food every day, according to the worker.

An unnamed worker who worked in the superyacht sector for 20 years told The Times of London some shocking stories.

They revealed how one wealthy boat owner enjoyed eating fresh lobster anytime he was on board, among other things. His crew, on the other hand, was never given any early notice of when he would arrive, so they prepared it every day just in case, according to the worker.

According to the worker, one superyacht was totally coated in emerald-green snakeskin, while the bar seats on another vessel owned by late Greek shipping mogul Aristotle Onassis were fashioned of whale foreskin.

During the conflict with Ukraine, stories of life aboard superyachts, particularly those owned by wealthy Russians, have surfaced. Sanctions imposed by the West on Russia have primarily targeted rich Russians and their luxury assets, such as yachts and private jets.

Because of their owners' extravagant tastes, many superyachts have flashy designs. According to the Financial Times, a superyacht craftsman recently stated that his wealthy Russian clientele sought interior designs using rare tropical wood and pricey leathers.

A 15-year superyacht captain told The Guardian that affluent Russians used to force their personnel on board to take lie-detector tests to ensure they'd kept ship secrets hidden. To get interviews for jobs on board, potential employees had to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to the captain.

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