Burger-flipping robots will be tested by Jack in the Box.

To the list of fast food chains experimenting with robots, add Jack in the Box. Miso Robotics' Flippy 2 (frying) and Sippy (drink-prepping) robots will be tested in a San Diego restaurant as part of a pilot program. Jack in the Box is interested in seeing how much assistance the automatons can provide to busy employees who would prefer to spend more time with customers and less time in the kitchen.

The corporations haven't specified how long the pilot will last. However, in the coming months, Jack in the Box claimed it was open to "more integration."

Miso's technology is used by Chipotle, Panera, White Castle, and other restaurants. Like similar businesses, efficient meal preparation isn't the main goal. The robots promise better consistency, so you're less likely to get an undercooked burger or the wrong drink.

The benefits and drawbacks are the same. This could help employees who are stressed out, especially in an era when restaurant staff shortages are all too typical. At the same time, there's danger that operators would utilize these robots to automate work or avoid recruiting more people. However, because Miso's machines are unable to entirely replace humans at this time, a broader automation catastrophe is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

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