According to a foreign affairs specialist, Putin is edging closer to his nuclear weapons, threatening to kill the world if Ukraine is not captured.

Russian leaders and the media are pushing the issue of nuclear weapons to the forefront.

Sergey Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister, has stated that the threat of a worldwide nuclear war is extremely real. This alarming warning did not come from some insane psychopath, such as those who constantly demand that Kyiv be nuked on Russian state television. These were the statements of the Russian Federation's senior diplomat.

In diplomatic jargon, Lavrov effectively confessed that Russia's much-touted operation in Donbas is stalled, that the conflict is lost, and that Russia has no armaments to resist the inflow of Western arms into Ukraine. Russia is backed into a position, both politically and militarily.

Because Putin refuses to accept defeat, the Kremlin has hinted that nuclear weapons may be used as a final resort in this conflict.

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This is tantamount to threatening the entire globe with nuclear war. Even if Lavrov himself is not eager to bring the end of days – after all, he is only a Russian state minister - his overlord is absolutely capable of and ready for it. Lavrov is only doing his master's bidding.

This was, in any event, a totally serious statement. I'd put it on par with Putin's infamous paper from last summer, "On the Unity of Russian and Ukrainian Peoples." In the document, the tyrant stated unequivocally that if Ukraine refuses to relinquish its sovereignty and be absorbed by Russia, it will be destroyed as a political entity.

If Lavrov can prevent Putin from annihilating Ukraine, the world will be destroyed.
He and Putin are both dead serious.The international community, in my opinion, should respond to these threats in a way that contradicts Putin's expectations.

Russia has demonstrated that it is no longer a credible, logical actor in the international arena after initiating its insane, stupid, and barbarous invasion of Ukraine. Because failing to take Russian nuclear threats seriously would be prohibitively expensive, world leaders recognize that they must be treated seriously. After all, the survival of human civilisation is on the line. One individual has openly threatened to destroy civilisation if his ridiculous demands are not satisfied. This is nuclear terrorism on a vast scale; the stakes aren't just for a major metropolis like New York, but for the entire human race.

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Giving in to the terrorist's demands is not an option; doing so would simply encourage him to make more demands and encourage others to follow suit. Eventually, the world will have to call his bluff on one of his red lines or risk a global nuclear war. The only difference is that the longer we indulge the terrorist, the more strong he will get, while the rest of the world will become weaker and more disheartened. Appeasement is out of the question.

So, what's left to do? Any member of the security services can respond: the only option is to destroy the terrorist who is holding the entire world captive and attempting to compel us all to meet his political demands. This is a global problem that requires a global solution, much like a hypothetical asteroid rushing toward Earth.

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In other words, scientists, diplomats, legislators, physicians, spies, and warriors must all set their differences aside and work together to solve a single problem. The West has begun to recognize the magnitude of the threat, and the EU, G7, and NATO are all cooperating closely.

They will be followed by China, another important modern-day hub. Not to mention the fact that Russia is now China's puppet. Beijing has the power to direct Putin's actions.

The CCP, despite being fairly hostile to the United States, viewed Putin positively. President Xi Jinping of China gave Putin permission to attack Ukraine until after the Beijing Olympics were over, and Russia complied.

Despite favoring Russia over the US, China isn't looking forward to perishing in nuclear Armageddon as a result of Putin's infatuation with Ukraine. "Go ahead, grab Ukraine if you can," Jinping reportedly said Putin, "but no nukes – we don't need them." China is renowned for its long-term vision of becoming the world's leading economic, cultural, and scientific superpower. It has no desire to become a radioactive wasteland, as Putin's gamble is pushing them to become.

As a result of Lavrov's threat, China's foreign ministry released a statement that was severe even by Chinese standards: "No one wants WWIII." All parties involved in the Ukrainian situation must exercise restraint in order to prevent escalating the war." Beijing is indicating to Putin that China would not provide financial, technological, or military assistance to Russia. Not even condolences. Without Chinese assistance, the metaphorical Russian navy can only go one way.

He deluded his people into expecting a victory, yet it will be Ukraine that parades its troops into Moscow. The issue is that Putin does not have any other options. All he can think about right now is nuclear war. That appears to be his best hope of avoiding a devastating military loss in Ukraine.

Putin is unsure what to do next, therefore his finger is moving closer to the nuclear "button." That is why, if it hasn't already, I am confident that the Chinese security services will soon join their Western counterparts in figuring out a means to neutralize Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. Everyone on the planet will pool their resources in order to stop Putin. After all, nuclear war must be avoided at all costs.

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